About 2Camels

Since early 2001, 2Camels has been offering up a feast of far flung festivals and events — from medieval fairs in Aarhus to guitar festivals in Zihuatanejo. For 16 years now we've delivered the low-down on the world's most loved celebrations.

Recently we decided it was time to mix things up a little, to dip a toe in social waters, to get a bit 2017.

And while we're still delivering the same succinct but spicy descriptions of many of the world's most iconic festivals and events (along with event details, maps, photos and nearby accommodation options) the 2Camels of today sports a hefty social media presence.

The majority of our festival listings now feature a tailored social media wall — an up-to-the-minute, amalgamated, snapshot of a given festival's social media, streamed directly from their official festival , , YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Vimeo accounts.

For the fanatic, there's no need to bounce from Twitter to YouTube back to Instagram for the latest gossip from your favourite festival — now you can get your social media fill on a single 2Camels page.

So what are you waiting for? Click on festivals in the nav bar above to begin your 2Camels journey or sample a celebration plucked at random from our festival database.

Bon voyage!