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Since 2001, 2Camels has been the home of festivals on the web. But today's 2Camels is a different beast; a lot more social. We're still providing photos, maps, dates, details, accommodation options and our succinct but spicy descriptions for the world's finest festivals, but just recently we've added a strong social media bias to the mix. It is 2017 after all.

What does that mean for you, our visitors? Well, most of 2Camels' festival listings now feature a tailored social media wall — an up-to-the-minute, amalgamated, streaming snapshot of a given festival's social media presence taken directly from their , , YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Vimeo accounts.

Click on festivals in the navigation bar above to begin your 2Camels journey, or check out a random celebration from our festival cache.

Bon voyage!

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