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U.S. International Jousting Competition

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U.S. International Jousting Competition

Jousting, some say, has been around since 1066. It's the age-old art of knocking your chain-mail clad foe off his horse and on his ass. Around the year 1200, a code of ethics developed between fighting men, which had never occurred before. This positive code of ethics became known as chivalry, a word that would always be associated with knights. But soon jousting in warfare became obsolete, yet jousting as a sport survived, evolving into a showmanship tournament. And the art of jousting is still revered around the world, especially at the U.S. International Jousting Competition held every September at the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival in Estes Park, CO.

Some 50,000 people show up to witness not only jousting, but ring spearing, spear throwing and shield hitting. But with a $1,400 purse, the jousting is always the most exciting. Tickets range from $15 for an adult to $5 for a child, while an adult weekend pass goes for $42.

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