Boi Bumba

Parintins, Brazil

Boi Bumba

Words by Paul Dodson

The Bombadromo on the Brazilian Isle of Parintins comes to life in late June for three nights as the two corrals of Garantido and Caprichoso serve up a Carnivalesque spectacular of sight and sound that really needs to be seen to be believed. At its heart, Boi Bumba is a local legend, a folk tale told through an elaborate stage show featuring humungous parade floats, giant puppets and abundantly-feathered performers.

It's a three day juggernaut of colour in the jungle backed by an incessant drum beat. Parintins is an island in the sticky center of the Amazon and getting there is a multi-day task usually involving buses and boats but for those intrepid revellers who make the trek the Boi Bumba experience will live on as lifetime memories.

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The Bombadromo, Parintins, Brazil

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