• Oktoberfest


    Welcome to Oktoberfest - the world's largest and most celebrated beer festival. Never been? Close your eyes and picture part Disneyland, part Bud Brewery.

  • La Tomatina

    La Tomatina

    Each and every August in Buñol (a picturesque Spanish village just outside of Valencia) La Tomatina, the world's largest food fight is played out.

  • Rio Carnaval

    Rio Carnaval

    Here it is ladies and gentlemen, in all it's drum bangin', booty shakin' finery - the party to end all parties - Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Quebec Winter Carnival

    Quebec Winter Carnaval

    February in Quebec is winter carnival time and whilst the heat may be missing there's plenty of the white stuff, and it's used to create a Carnival celebration like no other.